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BETAlab Laboratories Group is a Türkak-approved accredited organization with 100% domestic capital, established in 2019 with its own resources.

BETAlab Laboratories Group promises to deliver superior quality services with timely and reliable results through the consultancy services provided by its experienced expert staff. The reliability and accuracy of their data helps their customers make more accurate decisions in risk situations, while helping them meet the increasing quality and safety standards of global regulations..



Analyzes Made

More than 1200 active substances belonging to the pesticide group are examined in our laboratory.

It provides precise, fast and reliable results by examining the pesticides examined with more than one method and with the latest technological devices, according to their characteristics..

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All registered pesticides
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We work in accordance with the European market chain for exporters working with Globalgeb.

  • Our Software Team

    You can instantly learn the status of the analysis with the mobile program they developed for you.

  • Reporting

    You can access your retrospective reports via mobile or web. You can question the reliability of your producers.


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As BETAlab Laboratories Group, our team is on duty 24/7 to give you fast and accurate results.

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